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Nike SB Dunk Low - Ben & Jerrys CHUNKY DUNKY Wall Art Poster

Nike SB Dunk Low - Ben & Jerrys CHUNKY DUNKY Wall Art Poster

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Only true sneakerheads respect the daring design concepts featured in the Ben & Jerry’s
dunks, and only those with an acquired taste will fall in love with this unique,
hand-crafted illustration of their stylish presence!

This statement piece takes a collaboration that shook the sneaker industry, and frames it
perfectly for you to always remember the ones that stand out in any collection. It’s simple,
yet speaks volumes, and serves as the perfect conversation starter with the potential
sneakerhead in disguise.

All the illustrations are sold without frames, they are coming soon!😊


Thick paper with matte lamination.


Expected delivery time is 2-7 business days. The shipping time includes manufacturing process, shipping and handling.


Our posters are currently in A3 format (11x17 Inches). We hope to evolve and offer you different formats in the near future!

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