Illustrated Sneaker Posters

Get your kicks into your space.

Meet the three friends from France behind Eli Aiko. Samir, Maxime, and Mounir have a shared passion for sneakers and design, and they came together to launch a brand that would bring these two worlds together in a unique way.

With their background in design, they saw an opportunity to create posters that not only showcased iconic sneaker designs but also celebrated the culture and community that surrounded them. Using the latest printing technology and high-quality materials, they began producing posters that captured the essence of classic sneakers and the stories behind them.

Today, Eli Aiko is the go-to source for sneaker aficionados and design lovers alike, offering a wide range of posters that feature classic sneakers from brands like Nike, NewBalance...


Our posters are currently in A3 format. We hope to evolve and offer you different formats in the near future!

We are currently able to deliver our Posters internationally.

We are sorry that your Poster has defects! If you received a visibly damaged package, please check the contents and refuse delivery if your Posters were also damaged. If you happen to discover the damage after delivery, please contact us here from the email address you used to place your order and send us some pictures of the Posters you received as well as the box so we can help you.

Expected delivery time is 2-7 business days. The shipping time includes manufacturing process, shipping and handling. The shipping cost depends on the total weight of the package, the country of shipment and fuel fee. In order to check precise shipping cost, the chosen product must be added to the cart.